Monday, April 23, 2018

Week 8A

The use of technology today has driven advertisement for business to a totally different level. Pictures and videos have truly made a difference in how customers are attracted to business. The platforms we have used for GiantSkillz are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. So far for our Instagram account we have about 1.5K followers and for our Facebook we have over 5K followers. Both of our accounts gets alot of traffic from all over the nation. We3 have connected with some highly recruited trainees from across the nation in states like Florida, Texas, New Jersey and Alabama. Most of the traffic we receive on the daily basis are training camps request or booking a training date ahead of time so the trainees can put together traveling plans. We post on our social media websites daily and maybe four to five times throughout the day responding to requests or basically sending reminders for up coming camps. We also follow 5 football training business so we can refer athletes who does not play the position that we offer training for.

As of right now, Twitter does not work for us. We can not really advertise our business on Twitter. Youtube has been an excellent source for us to post videos and receive feedback through the comments. Every now and then we use our Snapchat account but its not something we use everyday. The big three that has been very productive for us is, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Week 7B

I have added 3 scheduled posts of the training schedule coming up at different locations. We decided to set up at different locations so its easier for our trainees to attend and not have to drive too far. Also, I have included our training schedule with the University of Southern California (USC Trojans) football team where trainees will have access to tour the campus, weight room, locker room and heritage hall to witness the historical sports arena at USC. We have received a lot of interest about this camp and are looking forward to hosting all the trainees. We have build a great relationship with Coach Helton at USC and are looking forward to a great atmosphere for these trainees to train with one of the most storied and powerhouse football program in College Football history. 

Week 7 A

The businesses I liked on Facebook are:
@Push Sports
@ Phase1Sports

These are just a few training organizations that we affiliate with during the offseason. They do focus more on skilled positions so therefore any Offensive and Defensive Linemen that attends their training, they send them our way which increases our camp numbers. These trainees come from Las Vegas, Hawaii, Arizona and Oregon. In return any skilled positions that comes through our camp we send them directly to the closest training site near their home. This allows for these trainees to properly get the training they need for specific position they play. Networking is one of the greatest asset in promoting businesses. Nowadays with social media it elevates promotion to another dimension. We are a fairly new training organization but building relationships with these other Coaches and training organizations has allowed us to grow tremendously in a short period of time. We have learned a lot from these training organizations on how to further grow in the business. Training these young athletes to be great on the field and become leaders in their communities is our passion. That is the goal and type of culture we are teaching here at GiantSkillz.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Week 6

Post Reach vs Post Engagement

After further research, Post Reach is how many people you are able to reach on Facebook with your advertisement ads. I think the goal is to have as much exposure as possible. The ads will reach other fans and non fans through their friend's news feeds.

Post Engagement is the reaction of the receivers or audience to your advertisement ad. They most likely will select the like option and or comment on your ad but may not follow through with a purchase. It is possible to not receive post engagements on an advertisement but still receive a lot of purchase. That most likely will happen when an ad comes across a previous customer that was very satisfy with the product.

For GiantSkillz post reach and post engagement has been very positive for us. One of the main reasons is because of the final product that we produce and that is a lot of these trainees are able to land Division 1 scholarships with major universities. Since we are one of the very few training organization for Defensive and Offensive Linemen, we get a lot of attention because other training organizations focuses of skill position players such as Wide Receivers, Running Backs, Defensive Backs and Quarterbacks.

Week 5B

The company I represent is GiantSkillz. It is located in Riverside, Ca. This a training organization focused on position specific personal training for all levels of football from high school to college and the NFL. Throughout Southern California and all over the country, there are so many skilled position training centers but very few training centers for Offensive Lineman and Defensive Lineman. Many football fans and coaches know that the game is won in the trenches. That is why our focus was to train the big fellas fighting in the trenches. I am one of the trainers at GiantSkillz under Coach Chris Talamaivao. The social media outlet that we used the most is Facebook and Instagram. We received a lot of positive feedbacks and requests from parents and coaches willing to pay for their players to attend training with us. We have helped trained high school players to perfect their craft and it resulted in Division 1 football scholarships offer from major college football programs such as, Alabama, USC, Michigan, Oregon, Ohio State etc.

Most of our customers are high school students looking to get a scholarship offer from the Power 5 football conferences in college. Southern California is home to most of the gifted and talented football players. Since there is not a lot of Offensive Linemen and Defensive Linemen training centers in Southern California, we continue to get fully booked on every training sessions on Saturdays and Sundays. Our track record of players receiving scholarships is one of the main reasons why our business continues to thrive. We have created a culture of family, love and respect with our trainees, while reminding them that education is much more important than football. The NFL stands for "Not For Long". Follow us on Instagram @Giantskillz.

Week 5A

I decided to use set 2 to conduct research on the products offered and their marketing strategy on their websites. 

Chili is one of the most famous chained restaurants in the United States. You can find a Chili restaurant in shopping centers, malls and airports etc. Their location is convenient for their customers. After browsing through their website, the menu is clearly posted with different types of foods such as ribs, burgers and fajitas etc. This means that there is food for all age groups and for big family dinner gatherings. It also posted their history dating back to 1975 and that you can find a Chili restaurant in 32 different countries. They can cater to different ethnic backgrounds eating habits. Chili wisely posted how much they have given back to their community which makes people wanting to continue to support and eat at Chili's. I did not see any calls to action postings on their website.

Teri Cafe is family owned and has 2 locations in Oceanside. The menu consisted of Japanese dishes with a blend of Hawaiian style food. I thought their website is super creative and easy to browse for a family owned business. I think they are up to bar with Chili's which says a lot about Teri Cafe. The food menu is tailored for customers who enjoys Japanese cuisine with Hawaiian flavors. For a city as diverse as Oceanside, CA I think they have a solid size of clients who will often visit the establishment. I do not think the food is tailored for any specific age group. I personally do not think Teri Cafe is as versatile as Chili because their menu targets a specific group of people who enjoys Japanese cuisine. 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Week 4 B

The 2 websites I visit frequently are Youtube and Navy Federal Credit Union.

I visit youtube often to listen to music, watch videos and to learn how to fix anything from gaming to cars etc. I also like to watch highlights of certain football players and rugby players. I have alot of varieties of videos to choose from so it makes it interesting to keep going back. Only thing I can see that needs improving is less ads in between videos.

Navy Federal Credit Union is my bank website. I visit the website often to monitor activity and pay bills. I visit my bank website at least once or twice a day. There is too many fraud going on so its better to catch an issue right away and contact the institution to fix it rather than find out later.

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Week 4 A

The 2 websites that I found easy to navigate and find really no deficiencies on are and

Apple is a well known company that designs and develop computer softwares, online services, hardware products (iPhones, iPads, Mac personal computers etc.). It is the worlds largest information technology company by revenue. That being said, they have hired masterminds working behind the scenes developing and maintaining their website. It is very easy to navigate! The way they design the website with the right color background that makes their products standout. At the bottom of the website you have options to choose different products, manage your account as well as how to contact them. It is not crowded with a lot of information.

Nps is an agency under the federal government that manages national parks, monuments and in charge of preserving ecological and historical places. The website was so easy to navigate. You can search and locate different national parks in the United States to be able get information. Its a great way to gather information for those who wants to visit and explore these national parks. The states and territories are listed in alphabetical order which makes it easy to find what state or territory you are searching for. At the bottom it has links to social media, privacy policy and how to contact them. Just like apple above, it is not crowded with a lot of information but it does have links that can take you directly to whatever information you are seeking.

The 2 Websites that I found that needs some work are headhunterhairstyling and jamilin.

Headhunterhairstyling is a hair salon located in Pensacola, Florida. The home page was empty and for customers first impressions is very important that means the home page has to be eye appealing. There is a slideshow of what appears to be different services offered at the location. So I was not sure if it was a tanning/spa/massaging business. The website needs work especially tailoring the slideshow to fit the services they provide at the location. The gallery shows pictures shows different pictures of hair styles but the home page slideshow shows pictures of tanning and spa treatment.

Jamilin is a terrible website. Its cluttered with so much advertisement and its hard to navigate. There are so many colors going on and its not organized. My first impression of the website is to avoid it because it looks like one of the scamming websites. I personally will not continue to navigate this website and close it. It needs a lot of work.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Week 3 Part 1

I have encountered difficulty communicating with a business before. Back in 2003, I was getting ready to deploy to Iraq. There were so many things I have to take care of prior to my deployment. One of them was to notify my cell phone service provider that I will be gone and need to disconnect my services. Long story short, they did not want me to disconnect but offered to place my service on vacation. After many calls and visits to their office, I ended up deploying without completely disconnecting my cell phone service. I had to settle an agreement with them upon return because my cell phone bill was lets just say ridiculously high.

Social Media plays a huge role with business today. Customers can simply leave a review or a complaint on social media and this allows for businesses to hear the concerns of customers. Sometimes they reply to it and resolve or simply ignore it. For the most part, I have seen a lot of customer complaints resolved due to social media. Businesses can not afford negative reviews from customers on social media because it can affect their business as whole.

I wish social media was this powerful back in 2003, I would not have an issue with trying to get my services disconnected. One simple remark on Facebook or other social media outlets will get the attention of these huge corporations. If it was my business, I would work very hard to resolve a legitimate complaint or issue. So I could get a positive feedback and customers see that I do care. Negative comments will be addressed professionally. For positive comments I will reply with  a "Thank you for your business and looking forward to seeing you again soon" message. Sometimes competitors deploy these tactics as far as negative reviews to sabotage the success of a rival company. People would have to pay attention to that because it is very common today.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Week2B Bolgs that I commented on

Week 1B Blogs I commented On

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Week 2A

I think the social media platform thats geared towards personal use is Facebook. Simply because you can post a lot of information about you such as, pictures, interests, location, education level, profession etc. As a veteran I had to create a Facebook account to connect with other Veterans to help each other with Job searching, availabilities, Interviewing techniques and just simply what certain government jobs are looking for on your resume. So we connect and share informations to help each other out. I have seen that you can sell items by posting ads on Facebook which is easier than setting up a garage sale and waiting all day for someone to stop by and look at the items you are selling. 

As far as business is concerned, Facebook does work for some people. One of my good friends we served in the military together started a food truck. He posted ads on Facebook and it grabbed a lot of attention from customers due to good reviews and comments he was receiving based on customers experiences with his food truck. He started with one truck and now he has three more with a much bigger audience or customer group who loves his food. So I believe utilizing Facebook worked very well for his business. Everybody has Facebook nowadays. Friends can tag their friends to check out a certain restaurant or in this case food truck whenever they get a chance. This is how business can benefit from Social Media. 

On the flip side, if your performance is not going well and the customers do not like it. You will get negative feedbacks and most likely ruins your business as well. Its a double edge sword so to speak! Also, the wording and how you advertise is very important! You have to sell yourself in a way that pretty much says that there is nobody out there that can compete with you. So a lot of research has to be done on your competitors and you have to finalize a plan that will elevate you above your competitors prior to posting an ad on social media. 


Hey class,

Forgive me for posting super late. It took me a while to figure this blogger post out. I have never done blogging before nor do I use a lot of social media. The layout I decided for my blogger is Travel! The reason why I chose this layout is because I love traveling. When I was in the military, I was able to deploy and travel to numerous countries such as, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Italy, Somalia, Germany, South Korea, Kuwait etc. I really enjoyed getting to know different cultures and their way of life. Unfortunately for some countries I have been to did not allow me to really get to know and understand them due to the nature and the reason why I was there. Also I chose the color blue and the skies background because I was a paratrooper and we have a saying in the Infantry World that "The Sky is Blue Because God Loves the Infantry".

Looking forward to learning more from this class on how to utilize social media!