Thursday, April 12, 2018

Week 7 A

The businesses I liked on Facebook are:
@Push Sports
@ Phase1Sports

These are just a few training organizations that we affiliate with during the offseason. They do focus more on skilled positions so therefore any Offensive and Defensive Linemen that attends their training, they send them our way which increases our camp numbers. These trainees come from Las Vegas, Hawaii, Arizona and Oregon. In return any skilled positions that comes through our camp we send them directly to the closest training site near their home. This allows for these trainees to properly get the training they need for specific position they play. Networking is one of the greatest asset in promoting businesses. Nowadays with social media it elevates promotion to another dimension. We are a fairly new training organization but building relationships with these other Coaches and training organizations has allowed us to grow tremendously in a short period of time. We have learned a lot from these training organizations on how to further grow in the business. Training these young athletes to be great on the field and become leaders in their communities is our passion. That is the goal and type of culture we are teaching here at GiantSkillz.

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