Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Week 5B

The company I represent is GiantSkillz. It is located in Riverside, Ca. This a training organization focused on position specific personal training for all levels of football from high school to college and the NFL. Throughout Southern California and all over the country, there are so many skilled position training centers but very few training centers for Offensive Lineman and Defensive Lineman. Many football fans and coaches know that the game is won in the trenches. That is why our focus was to train the big fellas fighting in the trenches. I am one of the trainers at GiantSkillz under Coach Chris Talamaivao. The social media outlet that we used the most is Facebook and Instagram. We received a lot of positive feedbacks and requests from parents and coaches willing to pay for their players to attend training with us. We have helped trained high school players to perfect their craft and it resulted in Division 1 football scholarships offer from major college football programs such as, Alabama, USC, Michigan, Oregon, Ohio State etc.

Most of our customers are high school students looking to get a scholarship offer from the Power 5 football conferences in college. Southern California is home to most of the gifted and talented football players. Since there is not a lot of Offensive Linemen and Defensive Linemen training centers in Southern California, we continue to get fully booked on every training sessions on Saturdays and Sundays. Our track record of players receiving scholarships is one of the main reasons why our business continues to thrive. We have created a culture of family, love and respect with our trainees, while reminding them that education is much more important than football. The NFL stands for "Not For Long". Follow us on Instagram @Giantskillz.

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