Monday, April 23, 2018

Week 8A

The use of technology today has driven advertisement for business to a totally different level. Pictures and videos have truly made a difference in how customers are attracted to business. The platforms we have used for GiantSkillz are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. So far for our Instagram account we have about 1.5K followers and for our Facebook we have over 5K followers. Both of our accounts gets alot of traffic from all over the nation. We3 have connected with some highly recruited trainees from across the nation in states like Florida, Texas, New Jersey and Alabama. Most of the traffic we receive on the daily basis are training camps request or booking a training date ahead of time so the trainees can put together traveling plans. We post on our social media websites daily and maybe four to five times throughout the day responding to requests or basically sending reminders for up coming camps. We also follow 5 football training business so we can refer athletes who does not play the position that we offer training for.

As of right now, Twitter does not work for us. We can not really advertise our business on Twitter. Youtube has been an excellent source for us to post videos and receive feedback through the comments. Every now and then we use our Snapchat account but its not something we use everyday. The big three that has been very productive for us is, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

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