Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Week 5A

I decided to use set 2 to conduct research on the products offered and their marketing strategy on their websites. 

Chili is one of the most famous chained restaurants in the United States. You can find a Chili restaurant in shopping centers, malls and airports etc. Their location is convenient for their customers. After browsing through their website, the menu is clearly posted with different types of foods such as ribs, burgers and fajitas etc. This means that there is food for all age groups and for big family dinner gatherings. It also posted their history dating back to 1975 and that you can find a Chili restaurant in 32 different countries. They can cater to different ethnic backgrounds eating habits. Chili wisely posted how much they have given back to their community which makes people wanting to continue to support and eat at Chili's. I did not see any calls to action postings on their website.

Teri Cafe is family owned and has 2 locations in Oceanside. The menu consisted of Japanese dishes with a blend of Hawaiian style food. I thought their website is super creative and easy to browse for a family owned business. I think they are up to bar with Chili's which says a lot about Teri Cafe. The food menu is tailored for customers who enjoys Japanese cuisine with Hawaiian flavors. For a city as diverse as Oceanside, CA I think they have a solid size of clients who will often visit the establishment. I do not think the food is tailored for any specific age group. I personally do not think Teri Cafe is as versatile as Chili because their menu targets a specific group of people who enjoys Japanese cuisine. 

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