Saturday, February 10, 2018

Week 3 Part 1

I have encountered difficulty communicating with a business before. Back in 2003, I was getting ready to deploy to Iraq. There were so many things I have to take care of prior to my deployment. One of them was to notify my cell phone service provider that I will be gone and need to disconnect my services. Long story short, they did not want me to disconnect but offered to place my service on vacation. After many calls and visits to their office, I ended up deploying without completely disconnecting my cell phone service. I had to settle an agreement with them upon return because my cell phone bill was lets just say ridiculously high.

Social Media plays a huge role with business today. Customers can simply leave a review or a complaint on social media and this allows for businesses to hear the concerns of customers. Sometimes they reply to it and resolve or simply ignore it. For the most part, I have seen a lot of customer complaints resolved due to social media. Businesses can not afford negative reviews from customers on social media because it can affect their business as whole.

I wish social media was this powerful back in 2003, I would not have an issue with trying to get my services disconnected. One simple remark on Facebook or other social media outlets will get the attention of these huge corporations. If it was my business, I would work very hard to resolve a legitimate complaint or issue. So I could get a positive feedback and customers see that I do care. Negative comments will be addressed professionally. For positive comments I will reply with  a "Thank you for your business and looking forward to seeing you again soon" message. Sometimes competitors deploy these tactics as far as negative reviews to sabotage the success of a rival company. People would have to pay attention to that because it is very common today.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Week2B Bolgs that I commented on

Week 1B Blogs I commented On

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Week 2A

I think the social media platform thats geared towards personal use is Facebook. Simply because you can post a lot of information about you such as, pictures, interests, location, education level, profession etc. As a veteran I had to create a Facebook account to connect with other Veterans to help each other with Job searching, availabilities, Interviewing techniques and just simply what certain government jobs are looking for on your resume. So we connect and share informations to help each other out. I have seen that you can sell items by posting ads on Facebook which is easier than setting up a garage sale and waiting all day for someone to stop by and look at the items you are selling. 

As far as business is concerned, Facebook does work for some people. One of my good friends we served in the military together started a food truck. He posted ads on Facebook and it grabbed a lot of attention from customers due to good reviews and comments he was receiving based on customers experiences with his food truck. He started with one truck and now he has three more with a much bigger audience or customer group who loves his food. So I believe utilizing Facebook worked very well for his business. Everybody has Facebook nowadays. Friends can tag their friends to check out a certain restaurant or in this case food truck whenever they get a chance. This is how business can benefit from Social Media. 

On the flip side, if your performance is not going well and the customers do not like it. You will get negative feedbacks and most likely ruins your business as well. Its a double edge sword so to speak! Also, the wording and how you advertise is very important! You have to sell yourself in a way that pretty much says that there is nobody out there that can compete with you. So a lot of research has to be done on your competitors and you have to finalize a plan that will elevate you above your competitors prior to posting an ad on social media. 


Hey class,

Forgive me for posting super late. It took me a while to figure this blogger post out. I have never done blogging before nor do I use a lot of social media. The layout I decided for my blogger is Travel! The reason why I chose this layout is because I love traveling. When I was in the military, I was able to deploy and travel to numerous countries such as, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Italy, Somalia, Germany, South Korea, Kuwait etc. I really enjoyed getting to know different cultures and their way of life. Unfortunately for some countries I have been to did not allow me to really get to know and understand them due to the nature and the reason why I was there. Also I chose the color blue and the skies background because I was a paratrooper and we have a saying in the Infantry World that "The Sky is Blue Because God Loves the Infantry".

Looking forward to learning more from this class on how to utilize social media!