Thursday, February 1, 2018

Week 2A

I think the social media platform thats geared towards personal use is Facebook. Simply because you can post a lot of information about you such as, pictures, interests, location, education level, profession etc. As a veteran I had to create a Facebook account to connect with other Veterans to help each other with Job searching, availabilities, Interviewing techniques and just simply what certain government jobs are looking for on your resume. So we connect and share informations to help each other out. I have seen that you can sell items by posting ads on Facebook which is easier than setting up a garage sale and waiting all day for someone to stop by and look at the items you are selling. 

As far as business is concerned, Facebook does work for some people. One of my good friends we served in the military together started a food truck. He posted ads on Facebook and it grabbed a lot of attention from customers due to good reviews and comments he was receiving based on customers experiences with his food truck. He started with one truck and now he has three more with a much bigger audience or customer group who loves his food. So I believe utilizing Facebook worked very well for his business. Everybody has Facebook nowadays. Friends can tag their friends to check out a certain restaurant or in this case food truck whenever they get a chance. This is how business can benefit from Social Media. 

On the flip side, if your performance is not going well and the customers do not like it. You will get negative feedbacks and most likely ruins your business as well. Its a double edge sword so to speak! Also, the wording and how you advertise is very important! You have to sell yourself in a way that pretty much says that there is nobody out there that can compete with you. So a lot of research has to be done on your competitors and you have to finalize a plan that will elevate you above your competitors prior to posting an ad on social media. 


  1. That is so awesome that you have gone out and connected with other Veterans through Facebook to assist and share information for finding jobs and resume tips! I think that this is really amazing and a great way to utilize social media. I wonder if there are any groups specifically designated for that so that it would be easier to find and connect with other Veterans.

  2. Thanks for sharing in depth personal observation on how Facebook is currently being utilized. The example that you shared with your friend who owned the food truck business was spot on. Showed how small business owner can benefit from Facebook to grow there business. Showcasing both positive and negative feedback, social media can help create a SWOT analysis. You are 100% correct that you need to find way to make yourself marketable, by creating quality content. Creating unique identity to differentiate your products and services is the greatest challenge.Thank you for military service to our country, and good luck to you in future ventures.

  3. I myself use Facebook to connect with fellow Veterans. Yes, Facebook is an excellent platform to gather customer feedback. The best part of it, it is 100% free. That is unless you want to promote a paid ad or campaign. But even then its only a few dollars to run a simple ad for a short time.
    As a business dealing with negative feedback or comments. They should be addressed and fixed. Like you said it can be a double edged sword.

  4. Facebook does indeed have some outstanding business tools and support staff to help their clients. Advertising is an important part of their revenue stream that they have devoted a huge amount of capitol to make sure it runs smoothly. Others should look into this model.