Saturday, March 24, 2018

Week 4 B

The 2 websites I visit frequently are Youtube and Navy Federal Credit Union.

I visit youtube often to listen to music, watch videos and to learn how to fix anything from gaming to cars etc. I also like to watch highlights of certain football players and rugby players. I have alot of varieties of videos to choose from so it makes it interesting to keep going back. Only thing I can see that needs improving is less ads in between videos.

Navy Federal Credit Union is my bank website. I visit the website often to monitor activity and pay bills. I visit my bank website at least once or twice a day. There is too many fraud going on so its better to catch an issue right away and contact the institution to fix it rather than find out later.

Posted on Tanya Rivera and Nick Vitale

Week 4 A

The 2 websites that I found easy to navigate and find really no deficiencies on are and

Apple is a well known company that designs and develop computer softwares, online services, hardware products (iPhones, iPads, Mac personal computers etc.). It is the worlds largest information technology company by revenue. That being said, they have hired masterminds working behind the scenes developing and maintaining their website. It is very easy to navigate! The way they design the website with the right color background that makes their products standout. At the bottom of the website you have options to choose different products, manage your account as well as how to contact them. It is not crowded with a lot of information.

Nps is an agency under the federal government that manages national parks, monuments and in charge of preserving ecological and historical places. The website was so easy to navigate. You can search and locate different national parks in the United States to be able get information. Its a great way to gather information for those who wants to visit and explore these national parks. The states and territories are listed in alphabetical order which makes it easy to find what state or territory you are searching for. At the bottom it has links to social media, privacy policy and how to contact them. Just like apple above, it is not crowded with a lot of information but it does have links that can take you directly to whatever information you are seeking.

The 2 Websites that I found that needs some work are headhunterhairstyling and jamilin.

Headhunterhairstyling is a hair salon located in Pensacola, Florida. The home page was empty and for customers first impressions is very important that means the home page has to be eye appealing. There is a slideshow of what appears to be different services offered at the location. So I was not sure if it was a tanning/spa/massaging business. The website needs work especially tailoring the slideshow to fit the services they provide at the location. The gallery shows pictures shows different pictures of hair styles but the home page slideshow shows pictures of tanning and spa treatment.

Jamilin is a terrible website. Its cluttered with so much advertisement and its hard to navigate. There are so many colors going on and its not organized. My first impression of the website is to avoid it because it looks like one of the scamming websites. I personally will not continue to navigate this website and close it. It needs a lot of work.